Quapaw Quarter



This historic district in the heart of greater Little Rock is an eclectic gathering of homes, cottages, and mansions ranging from Victorian, Craftsmen, Modern, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne styles. Incorporated as a historic community in 1968, this district grew out of an effort to identify and protect the significant historical structures in Little Rock during widespread urban renewal projects of the early 1960s. The Quapaw Quarter contains three separate historic districts, including MacArthur Park, Governor’s Mansion, and Central High School districts. All together these historic areas promote the presentation of Little Rock’s architectural heritage through advocacy, marketing, and education. They serve as the driving forces behind historical preservation in Little Rock in general.

Some of the city’s oldest buildings are found within this district, in the form of several outstanding collections of essential Arkansas architecture from the past and present. Your group will see several historic schools, respected institutions of higher learning, some of the state’s finest dining and entertainment venues, museums, libraries, hospitals, and historic hotels within the Quapaw Quarter. From the banks of the Arkansas River to the Clinton Presidential Library, this area holds the living and resting places of the earliest residents and visionary leaders of the state, holding a comprehensive and fascinating history for the state as well as beautiful historical architecture worthy of a visit by your group!