Queen Mary Tour

 If you head just about 30 minutes south of Los Angeles County you will run into Long Beach, California, the home of the famous (or perhaps infamous) Queen Mary ship. This former WWII troop ship and luxury liner is still thriving as a hotel, eatery, and touring hotspot today, all of which you can choose to do with a visit to this Queens Highway superstar. Get a personal look at the Queen Mary from an exciting and informative tour guide and learn all about its history, from its first days of construction to its launch as the ‘most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner’ at that time ( the 1950’s). You will be able to explore the ship from bow to stern, inside and out, as well as hear unique stories, facts, and insights from former crew members and current tour guides. You’ll even get to hear all about the liner’s infamous history as the ‘haunted ship’.

Once here you and your group will be able to choose a tour, dine in one of the many onboard eateries, attend a special event or festival, or even stay the night in one of the remodeled cabins! Talk about really getting to know a place!

Hear about all the action, adventure, romance, and paranormal happenings that occurred onboard this ship as you try and choose between any of the many offered tours, such as the Haunted Encounters tour, Glory Days Historical Tour, Ghosts and Legends Tour, Princess Diana Legacy Tour, or even the simple audio tour. Before you go be sure to stop by the gift shop and/or eat at our personal favorite, the delicious Promenade Cafe!rms_queen_mary_20100215