Rainforest Adventure Discovery Zoo

Rainforest Adventure Discovery Zoo


Tree Frog

Students of any age group will love this opportunity to view tropical wildlife at the Rainforest Adventure Discovery Zoo. This zoo, located in Sevierville, holds over 600 different animals representing 130 different species. Located in the heart of the mountains, literally, this large wildlife center can show you reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and even insects, as well as provide educational activities, learning opportunities for all ages, and even petting zoo options for the really little ones.

This discovery zoo was themed by ‘one of the nation's finest zoological contractors’, the same who has worked with Animal Kingdom and Disney. He and many other dedicated staff members have worked hard to put together a truly educational aspect within the zoo, with the hopes that all guests will ‘develop a caring attitude toward nature and the many wonders it contains’. Class field trips or similar groups who visit may be interested in the 2-hour education visit that includes an introduction, beginning vocabulary lessons, an intense educational scavenger hunt, and several follow up in class activities to take home and continue the learning adventure.

The animals in particular that you will see here include mostly tropical and temperate animals, such as the newest additions to the family, the Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins, otherwise known as the smallest and rarest monkeys of their region (Atlantic forests of Brazil). There is also a noteworthy shopping adventure within this zoo, the onsite Amazon Traders gift shop really a store worth the trip in itself. Here you will find all the goodies one can expect in a zoo setting (educational books, plush toys, etc), the only difference is that a good portion of the items sold here has been handmade by their native peoples! Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring your camera, and get ready to learn!