Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is the site of one of the most ambitious and historically significant new park projects in America.

Welcome to Red Mountain Park, the highly popular 1500 acre green space that holds trails, historic mines, zip lines, educational adventures, and so much more.

Here at Red Mountain Park, your group will have several options for fun, such as . . .

  • Hiking - 15 miles of trails total.
  • Ziplining - 1.25 hour Vulcan Materials Zip Trip course or 1000ft long Mega Zip.
  • Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest - Treetop challenge course with tight ropes, sway bridges, and even a zip line exit.
  • Kaul Adventure Tower - Built specifically for Red Mountain Park, this tower holds 6 lanes and 80 feet of rock climbing adventure.
  • Nomad Adventure - Offroad wheelchair exploration.
  • Team Building - Customizable to your group's liking.

While there are definitely plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy, there are also several learning opportunities throughout this 'vital urban green space'. The land itself was used for mining iron ore, giving the whole park a certain air of historical and geological importance. Your group can take a guided hike or immersive class while here, with several different options fit for specific age groups and subject focuses.