Riel House

Riel House

Explore the life of Louis Riel and his struggle to protect the social, cultural and political status of his fellow Métis after the Hudson’s Bay Company sold Rupert’s Land to the Dominion of Canada.

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg your group will find the Riel House, the 'historic home of the pivotal political activist who led the Metis rebellion against the Canadian government'. Louis Riel was executed in 1885 for his role in the North-West Resistance, the man dying to protect his communities interests.

This museum is open each July 1st to Labor Day, with self-guided touring options inside that allow you to explore the life of Louis Riel as well as the daily life of Metis families within the Red River Settlement in general. It is recommended that you allow 1-2 hours here to fully explore the house, grounds, and outdoor interpretive panels.

Notice the black cross atop the roof of the house, signaling the grief felt by the Metis people after Riel's execution. Inside the home, you will see furnishings ranging from rawhide strung chairs to store-bought lamps and clocks. Outside you can explore the gardens, river lot system of farming onsite, and interpretive panels that teach of the Metis way of life, from daily chores and farming to the background of the Metis in general, this group of people forming from a mix of indigenous peoples and Europeans.


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