River Market

The River Market District is often times considered the heart of downtown Little Rock and has been a prominent social and commerce gathering place since development began in the early 1990s. This is one of the only places in the state that offers such a wide variety of educational, cultural, and just plain fun activities within the span of one street! Spanning the entire stretch of Presidential Clinton Avenue and encompassing the area of 10 blocks, this market district allows visitors to shop for fresh fruit, visit an art gallery, dine at an ethnic eatery, take a trolley ride through the park, relax and view the river, and experience serious souvenir retail therapy all in one place! Historically this scenic south shore of the Arkansas River paradise of merchants has attracted nationwide attention and business, as well as paved the way for many new small (and large) local businesses.
Your group will have endless choices of things to do while here at Little Rock’s unofficial cultural center, from conducting business to eating a marvelous meal to enjoying live entertainment. This area is a wealth of global cuisine, skilled local artists, and live music on the River Pavilion from one man local bands to large national travelling acts. One of the biggest draws to this area is the farmer's market that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday, a large conglomerate of the freshest local foods. They also host a variety of seasonal festivals, like the current Biketoberfest motorcycle fall festival. As the district boasts, this is one of the best spots to eat, shop, play, and stay in Little Rock!