River Street

Historic River Street is the beautiful path along the Savannah River that is paved with 200 year old cobblestones, as well as over 200 years of rich Georgia history. In the past this street was lined with warehouses supporting King Cotton, as well as a period in which it was quarantined (around 1818) due to a horrible yellow fever epidemic. In the 1970s this neighborhood was rediscovered and revived to the glory and history of Old River Street. In 1977 an 80,000 square foot area of empty warehouse space was established as a new waterfront location, full of a new colorful array of shops, eateries, and art galleries. The revitalized and stabilized economy and culture of this historic district has drawn in large crowds of visitors and tourists alike for over 40 years now!

Once here your group will have some tough decisions to make, starting with exactly where to start! There are over 70 thriving businesses and shops on River Street, as well as varying casual and upscale eateries. See specialty shops, antique shops, art galleries, and the beauty of the Savannah River all along one stretch of street! Leisurely stroll along the landscaped river walk and see the popular Waving Girl and Olympic Cauldron monuments, as well as the scenic bluffs and old passageways of alleys strewn about. Take some time to visit the area of the street known as Factors Row, a unique collection of brick red buildings used as merchant quarters in the past, now popular for its collection of iron and concrete paths connecting it aerially. Between the shops, pubs, and historic inns, you surely won’t run out of fun things to do with your group here on River Street.