Rock the Boat Cruises

Carnival, Sensation, Nassau, Bahamas

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Credit Rock the Boat

With this fun student cruise option, we really encourage you to ‘rock the boat’ as hard as you can, this group of ‘Fun Ships' from Carnival Cruise Lines the perfect way for you to let loose, learn, and see something new. Rock The Boat cruises provide student groups with top-notch live entertainment, swimming, dancing, karaoke, and performing opportunities, as well as unforgettable journeys to some of the most educational, and beautiful, places around the U.S and beyond. Oh, and did we mention the great food involved in each cruise? You’re going to want to be sure to make it to any fine dining, late-night snack, casual, or pizza featured buffets on board, that’s for sure.

Performance groups that are welcomed on these cruises include instrumental, vocal,dance, and drama groups. These student groups may choose to perform in a more relaxed, unjudged situation at any of the port of calls along the way, or may also choose an adjudicated onboard performance, critique, and clinic. The onboard space is big enough to handle musical groups, corporate events, and various student team building exercises, so you won't’ have to worry about a group ‘too large’.

Rock the Boat Cruise Line also offers different educationally themed cruises, providing opportunities like swimming with the dolphins, searching for marine wildlife, exploring local cultures, or eco-snorkeling! You can see everything from the ‘Mayan Ruins in Mexico to the Embassy in the Bahamas’. There is truly no better option for students looking for an educational or performance thrill at sea, especially when you take into consideration all the port of call options with this company, including such places as Galveston, Miami, Jacksonville, and New Orleans.