Ron Coleman Crystal Mine


Ron Coleman Crystal Mines is a family owned and operated public mine opened in 1963, located in Jessieville, Arkansas. This mine is the largest producer of natural Arkansas quartz in the United States, as well as the premiere destination for hands-on mining and precious gem gifts for over 30 years. This location has extensive premises boasting a huge mine, gift shop full of decorative quartz and other minerals, a wholesale shop for buying in bulk, an RV resort for overnight stays, and a large and exciting digging area. This mine is so full of the precious quartz that the company guarantees its guest finding a mineral worth the price of admission, or they will have their choice of one for free in the gift shop.

It is highly recommended that your group take a guided tour, which begins with a short history of the mine and a quick tour of the gallery. The gallery is full of quartz, amethyst, other museum dug minerals, and an impressive array of quartz and minerals. You will ride in an army truck down through the mine, view crystal veins and water sources, and end in the processing area in which the crystals are cleaned and sorted. Getting off at the gift shop will show your group more exotic gems like zincate from Poland, Brazil amethyst, angelite spheres, and metaphysical gems. While here you can also take advantage of a zip line adventure connected to the mine, giving an amazing aerial tour. For your convenience there is a shuttle that takes visitors to and from Hot Springs, so let loose and enjoy the thrill of digging up some precious gems!