Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a really excellent, though more pricey, volunteer experience for youth across the globe. This organization "facilitates life changing educational experiences for students" through travel, education, and philanthropy. They believe travel should be an integral part of education and sustainable development, and that we should all go about things with more of a global perspective. In promoting this type of incredible student travel and service, this program has helped start over 100 successful trips/programs in over 19 different countries, ensuring that you will have the absolute best and most helpful options for volunteering possible!

Within the U.S. you can help rebuild great American Cities and explore rural America, helping many along the way. Spend some time working with refugee youth, gaining a deeper understanding of our nation, nation’s capital, and history, and explore some of the most gorgeous American essential sites from Northern Alaska to Southern California! Participate in such specific programs as Off the Map Alaska, a 15 day retreat for 16-18 year olds; Rebuilding New Orleans, a 14 day event for 15-18 year olds; Beyond Capitol Hill Refugee Tutoring and Enrichment, another 15 day event; or even Road Trip USA, a gap year program for 18 year olds that lasts a total of 85 days! This program strongly believes in taking gap years as students, a time in which you can travel, immerse yourself into another culture, and learn valuable skills you wouldn’t be able to in school, right in between high school graduation and college admission!