Saint John Paul II National Shrine

Saint John Paul II National Shrine

Discover St. John Paul II who lived an extraordinary life as a gift to God and to everyone he encountered. Experience faith formation through pilgrimages, religious devotions, daily Mass, and special liturgical celebrations.

Welcome to the Saint John Paul II Nation Shrine in Washington D.C.. This shrine serves as a place of worship, religious formation, and cultural renewal  'to feed the minds and souls of its visitors'. It is a popular place of pilgrimage that provides a relic of Saint John Paul II's blood for veneration, as well as general liturgy, prayer, art, cultural events, religious celebrations, and more.

John Paul II served 26 years in the papacy, embodying the trials and triumphs of the 20th century in his time and becoming a voice of moral and spiritual clarity for his followers. Learn more details of his life within the main permanent exhibit A Gift of Love: The Life of John Paul II, an exhibit that will highlight his life and his 'momentous influence as the spiritual father of one billion Catholics and as a world leader.'

You can also spend time during your visit attending a daily mass, receiving sacraments in the Luminous Mysteries Chapel, or taking a guided tour of the Redemptor Homonis Church. There are several regular engaging talks, reflections, and other programs happening at the church as well. Refer to the following for specific mass and prayer times.

Daily Mass - 12 pm Mon-Sat, 2 pm and 7 pm Sunday

Hour of Mercy Prayer and Chaplet - 3 pm daily