San Antonio | The Saga

San Antonio | The Saga

“This Is More Astonishing Than I Imagined,” Acclaimed Marise McDermott, President & CEO Witte Museum. “To Change The Tenor, Shape And Reality Of The Façade Is Amazing. To Challenge The Understanding Of An Iconic Cathedral Into A Universe Of Art Is Breathtaking.”

San Antonio | The Saga is the free nighttime attraction located at San Antonio's Main Plaza, the 'captivating video art installation' displayed on the facade of the San Fernando Cathedral each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 9, 9:30, and 10 pm.**

This Grand Pinnacle Award-Winning display was created by renowned French artist Xavier De Richemont and works to narrate the historical discovery, settlement, and development of San Antonio, the nation's 7th largest city and one of the most pivotal locations in the story and identification of the United States and North America. The display totals to a 7,000 square foot projection with custom choreographed music in surround sound, the entire experience sure to captivate you with its beauty and historical content. The entire thing will last 24 spectacular minutes!

Not only is the display itself a huge historic feat, but the fact that it is displayed upon the San Fernando Cathedral, the oldest operating sanctuary in North America, as well as on Main Plaza, one of only 4 colonial plazas left in the U.S, also add great feats to its historic grandeur.

**2018 season times, subject to change