San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Arguably the best zoo in the entire world, the San Diego Zoo brings you face to face with over 3,700 wild and beautiful creatures over an impressive 100 acres of land. Located in the expansive Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo boasts national acclaim and awards for their various programs and research including awards for sustainability practices, their African bush elephant program, and more. The Zoo is also the largest zoological membership in the world, having wowed worldwide visitors with their indomitable mission to protect the animals of the earth, fight extinction, and serve the public through educational and absolutely lovely exhibits.

Representing over 650 species of rare and endangered animals, the creatures of the San Diego Zoo are varied and exotic as well as familiar friends. Each exhibit is themed to a specific region of the planet, from the Australian Outback to Africa Rocks and beyond. Find among the exhibits animals such as the Andean bear and his sunny, gold ringed face, the Arctic fox's friendly and diminutive demeanor, the intensely intelligent gorillas, and endangered giant pandas among others. Maned wolves, okapi, orangutans, African penguins, hippos, and tigers share space with mandrills, macaws, and macaques.

Aside from the regular, stunning experiences, you'll find at the nation's top zoo, you can also take part in the park led "experiences" such as Early Morning with Pandas, behind the scenes tours, and have Animal Encounters. Watch the keepers take care of the elephants in the Elephant Care Center, feed the giraffes, or listen to a Keeper Talk program on the conservation and care of various animals.

The Safari Park is also associated with the San Diego Zoo, located thirty miles north of downtown San Diego. The open and expansive wildlife sanctuary is home to over 2,600 animals over 1,800 acres, over half of which has been designated a natural habitat. For a separate fee, visitors may enjoy the Safari Park led by a knowledgeable tour guide on various safari programs.


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