San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve

When you're on a group trip to the Florida Keys, some underwater adventure is bound to take place. San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve State Park is the second such park to be established in Florida and surrounds the historic shipwreck of the San Pedro, a 1733 Spanish flotilla. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to snorkel and swim through the park's gorgeous blue waters, explore the shipwreck in only 18 feet of water, and enjoy the pure unadulterated beauty of the Florida Keys.

Before you visit, you might enjoy a little background history about the San Pedro. In 1733, a devastating hurricane swept through and dispersed the Spanish convoy, all except one ship which made it to its intended destination. Many of the ships, including the San Pedro, were irreparably wrecked off the coasts of the many smaller Keys. Some luckier ships were able to be re-floated and taken to Havana. Much of the precious cargo was recovered from the sunken ships though still to this day, you can visit the wreckage of the poor San Pedro.

At this beautiful Underwater Archaeological State Park, your group may enjoy a number of activities including swimming, boating or canoeing, snorkeling and diving, or even fishing with the proper licenses. San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve State Park, like all Florida state parks, is open from 8 am to sundown 365 days a year, including holidays.