Sand Castle University

Sand Castle University

Bringing Family, Friends, and Sand together!

Have you ever looked upon a gorgeously built sandcastle along the beach in envy and wished you had the talent and/or patience to build one yourself? Well have no fear, Sand Castle University is here to help!

Sand Castle University in Alabama's Gulf Shores specializes in teaching sand castle building techniques to all ages, providing a really unique learning experience on the beach! They provide 'the best tools, tips, and tricks of building amazing sand castles', and the best part is they come right to your personal beach location! The team will help you make a 'truly unique piece of beach art', providing you with the instruction, equipment, and even a free time-lapse video of your groups experience!

There are two different classes to choose from:

  • Sand Castle 101- 1-hour basics of building for all ages
  • Sand Castle 102 - 2-hour in-depth look at building different types of castles with more advanced carving tools (12+ years of age)