Sarasota Classic Car Museum

The second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the nation can be found here in Florida at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Explore man's greatest invention, from the origins of its creation and history of its past to the future of automobiles and the possibility for even more technological advances. The amount of knowledge about some of the world’s coolest, oldest, and most high (and low) tech pieces of machinery that visitors receive here will entertain everyone in your group, not just the mechanics and motor heads.

Everything from antique, exotic, and European one-of-a-kind classic cars are on display in the 75-car collection rotating exhibits. The on-site collection of immaculately restored vintage model vehicles shines light on man's 100 plus years of history with automobiles, and it also gives a lesson on the mechanics, technology, and precision involved in creating perhaps one of the most useful pieces of machinery man uses today.

Inside the museum your group can view many unique classic and muscle cars like the Don Garlits Dragster number 2, John Lennon’s 1965 Mercedes Benz, or Paul McCartney’s famous Mini-Cooper. The Circus Magnate portion of the museum also houses John and Mable Ringling's early collection of Rolls Royce, as well as other famous cars ranging from classic Alfa Romeo to modern-day Ferrari.

The onsite gift shop allows anyone in your group to go home with a mini model of their favorite car or hard to find auto book. The gift shop also boasts an impressive antique camera collection and exhibit. Also on display right now is a recreated funeral carriage meant for Abraham Lincoln, as seen built on History Channel’s Museum Men!