Sarasota Jungle Gardens

flamingo-672316_1280One of the oldest continuously operated attractions in Florida since 1939, Sarasota Jungle Gardens will give your group the tropical adventure it has been waiting for. Meant to remind locals and tourists alike of ‘Florida days gone by,’ this vacation oasis is kept current and exciting as well as historic and educational, and thrives by the motto of helping visitors find ‘Florida flora, fauna, and fun.’

Over 150 native and exotic animals call the Sarasota Jungle Gardens home including many birds of prey, parrots, primates, small mammals, snakes, iguanas, crocodiles, and alligators, as well as the all too famous Florida pink flamingo. With a world renown 24-hour Flamingo Cam, flock viewing of these outgoing group of birds is available anytime, anywhere, as well as a personal viewing of them at the center. Known to be anything but shy, these tropical birds will greet you face to face as you learn about their history and habitat up close and personal. 

Take walking tours of the winding jungle trails and tropical canopy or even hop on the locally known wooden train that will take you through the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Daily bird and reptile shows prove to be just as entertaining and fun as it is educational with a highly interactive question and answer portion at the end. Once you’ve taken in all the wildlife facts you can handle, take a rest at the koi pond or enjoy a fresh meal at the Flamingo Cafe before picking up your famous Florida flamingo memorabilia at the gift shop on your way out!