Saturday Market

SaturdayMarketPortlandThe Portland Saturday Market is an outdoor arts and crafts market that is known as the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the United States. Established in 1974, this is the markets 42nd year of thriving with business in historic Old Town/ Chinatown. This weekly market features over 252 booths on average, and has a booming membership of over 350 artisans total. At the market you will see a wide variety of arts and crafts, each sold by local Pacific Northwest Artisans. The market is open every Saturday and Sunday from March to Christmas Eve.

Once here your group will see why this is a business unlike any other, a massive conglomerate of small businesses crafting locally handmade arts, crafts, and food. While here you will see a diverse range of local live music as well as a plethora of exotic and culturally authentic foods. As you stroll around you will see how different each vendor selling at the market truly is, the items sold ranging from eco-friendly clothing items to extremely fine jewelry to spices and snacks. You will see impressive visual arts and even have the chance to buy new pet supplies. The food scene is phenomenal, with the opportunity to get Northeast African Cuisine right next to Greek gyros. Enjoy immersing yourself into tax-free Portland shopping and culture as you spend the afternoon exploring this true market wonderland.