Savannah Historic District

Savannah Historic District SkylineWelcome to the largest urban U.S. National Historic District, a celebrated area of over 20 city blocks located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here your group will be able to stroll along cobblestone streets, marvelously manicured gardens, and stunningly gorgeous oak shaded parks. This district is the perfect Georgia vacation for all ages, full of art, culture, festivals, concerts, live theater, refreshing outdoor cafes, and gourmet restaurants, not to mention all that remarkable southern hospitality. The entire district holds museums, churches, mansions, monuments, and famous forts that will really allow you to immerse yourselves into Savannah’s history and culture!

Enjoy Savannah’s Historic District’s distinctive grid plan alongside the amazing 18th and 19th century architecture, the area full of Georgian, Greek Revival, and Gothic style buildings. The district is laid out on the original town plan from 1733, making it easier to visit the historic and architecturally rich homes such as the 1818 Owen Thomas house and the Beaux arts style Edmund Molyneux Mansion. You will also see the first African American school (Beach Institute), the birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts (Juliette Gordon Low), the oldest African American Baptist Congregation in the United States, and even the third oldest synagogue in the United States, the Mickve Israel. Stop by the Visitor Center to get detailed city information, tour information, or shop for that perfect Savannah souvenir! Once your group walks among the lively historic squares and open green spaces of this charming historic district they will soon see why millions of visitors make this trek every year!