Top 7 Scariest Bridges in the U.S.

In the U.S., we're pretty lucky to have top-quality, safe bridges getting us to and from where ever we may need. A few bridges, however, are surrounded by some pretty unfortunate circumstances that make it pretty terrifying to cross! Check out the top seven below.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado - America's highest suspension bridge, dangling 90 stories above the Arkansas River, may leave some a bit nauseous. If you can make it all 1,300 feet across by foot without letting the nearly 1,000 height get to you, congrats!

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan - If you're too nervous about driving across this 5-mile long bridge 200 feet above the water, the Mackinac Bridge Authority will do it for you. Most fear the 30 miles per hour winds and almost roller coaster-Esque drop at the very end.

Bay Bridge, Maryland - With this bridge being subject to frequent, violent storms, many drivers find a way to bypass it. If you get caught in a storm while in the middle of this 5-mile long bridge, you won't see any land ahead or behind.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida - The name says it all. But the really scary part of this bridge is its location directly in the middle of the Florida Keys, which are subject to frequent hurricanes. At only 65 feet above the water, massive hurricane waves could very plausibly splash upon this concrete path.

Deception Pass Bridge - While the foggy drive over the Puget Sound on this steel bridge may not be particularly frightening, the real horror comes to pedestrians walking on the narrow path on the very edge who are subject to viewing the rushing white waters only 100 feet below.

Captain William Moore Bridge, Alaska - This bridge would only truly be terrifying in one situation -- an earthquake. We're not sure whose bold idea this was, but the bridge goes directly over a major earthquake fault. But, don't worry -- engineers anchored only ONE end of the bridge so that it doesn't rip in half in the instance of a small shift.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana - If rising only 16 feet above the lake isn't scary enough, this bridge is one of the longest over-water -- a full 24 miles. Once you reach the 8-mile mark, it's all or nothing as not a speck of land will be in sight.