SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium

With several locations all across America and the world, SEA LIFE Aquarium provides guests with an exclusive exploration into incredible underwater worlds, a journey complete with marine life education and family-friendly entertainment throughout!

Each year this aquarium welcomes over 20 million explorers with a mission to 'inspire love for the ocean and it's creatures'. There is a total of 50 aquariums, 2 sanctuaries, and 180,00 creatures within its repertoire, plus countless interactive and educational experiences to be had at any given location.

During your visit, you will be exploring several different habitats, 'from the sweltering tropics to tidal rock pools'. The variety of sea creatures inside each habitat is kept with the best conservation practices in mind at each and every location.

Sea Life Aquarium Credit Visit KC

SEA LIFE Aquarium Credit Visit KC

Visit all sorts of animals including sharks, jellyfish, giant Pacific octopi, green moray eels, freshwater turtles, barracudas, and more! Conservation programs and behind the scenes tours are available for guests who want a more involved experience, as well.

School groups, homeschool groups, and other group styles are welcome to participate in customized workshops and programs or download activity packets for the students to complete. Workshops are led by professional staff members and can be based on a number of subjects.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Locations: