Sedona Fudge Company

In 1887 a small Mackinac Island candy creationist made a very rewarding mistake with his chocolate fondue recipe, setting it upon a marble slab and allowing the smooth, creamy texture to form and created something altogether new and delicious. This is how fudge was made, and this is exactly how fudge is still made here at Sedona Fudge Company. The same natural ingredients are used as they make fudge fresh daily by hand in the old-fashioned manner, as it should be.

brownie-852979_1920Inside these heavenly doors you will have the opportunity to see fudge being made right before your eyes and receive generous samples along every step of the way. Try any of the famous classic recipes such as Famous Mackinac Island Fudge, Handmade Chocolates, or Grandma Horr’s Home Baked Cookies, as well as any of the popular fan favorites such as Peanut Butter Fudge Balls or palm-sized chocolate dipped strawberries. See what all the hubbub is about here at "The Best Little Horr House in Sedona," the candy shop where Grandma Horr’s Cookies have been selling like hot cakes since 1892! Make sure you grab plenty of fresh fudge or cookies for all your friends and family back home to try too (that is, if you can manage to not gobble them down on the ride home)!