Seven Falls

blur-21653_1280This next stop is a true treat, located on the most beautiful mile of scenery in Colorado. Seven Falls is a natural landmark that was discovered and developed further in 1858. This stop will show your group superb scenic falls, grandiose geological monuments, and even a hair-raising historic grave site! When you are making your journey to this area you will see behind you hundreds of miles of eastern prairies, and ahead of you the streams and valleys of the western foothills. Here on the South Cheyenne Canyon every direction you look is filled with dramatic landscape. The crystal clear water from the Pike’s Peak watershed rushes into the steep walled box canyon here, making a scene so beautiful you’ll never forget it! Even so, it is strongly suggested that any photography buffs bring their cameras to capture these moments.

Your group will see the Pillars of Hercules, the 900-foot pink granite stone formations that stand a mere 41 feet apart. A little further and you’ll come across the main attraction, the waterfall! This is the only waterfall in all of Colorado to make National Geographic's list of International Falls! Starting 181 feet in the air, the water takes a journey "dancing from granite face to granite face in seven distinct leaps," creating a gorgeous vista for your group! If you are feeling more adventurous take the 224 steps further on the side of the falls that leads to hiking trails and the Broadmoor Soaring Adventure zip line tours, featuring rope bridges and a culminating rappel. After you’ve had all your fun head over the gift shop or popular Restaurant 1858 for some hot dinner or lunch!