Sierra Club

SIERRA_CLUB_NATURE_HIKE_-_NARA_-_543236The Sierra Club is the highly popular grassroots environmental organization that was founded by conservationist legend John Muir in 1892, today boasting the title of being the nation’s largest and most influential organization of its kind. Within the Sierra Club you will find over two million members and supporters, members that help out by donating, educating, or volunteering onsite! You can choose to become a member by leading outdoors or behind the scenes, each option through the club giving you ample quality time outside, professional and personal skills, passion-igniting hard work, and an overall eye-opening experience.

The Sierra Club protects millions of acres of wilderness, has aided in passing the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. They have even retired 200 coal powered plants, highly reducing our nation's involvement in fossil fuels and shifting the focus to clean energy. There are over 64 chapters nationwide, with over 20,000 local and international outings per year throughout all of them. You can find several opportunities to join the club in your own state, a great opportunity to put in service and connect, or you can take a trip to one of the bigger pieces of public lands across the nation holding trails, meadows, and archaeology projects that always need more helping hands. As of right now the examples of featured trips you can take to volunteer include farm service at Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Rosa Island Service in California, or pack-rafting St. Elias in Alaska!

A road trip, a weekend in the great outdoors, social networking, and helping out: this is what we call the perfect travel plan!