Skirball Cultural Center

Skirball Cultural Center

Skirball Cultural Center Credit Skirrball Cultural Center

Skirball Cultural Center Credit Skirball Cultural Center

Welcome to the Skirball Cultural Center, the L.A educational institution dedicated to ‘sustaining Jewish heritage and American democratic ideals’. Established here in 1996, Skirball is a well-known contemporary facility that is filled with historic exhibits, various courses, and occasional special lectures/readings. School groups especially love this facility, with daily tours from experienced educators and docents, outreach programs for pre-k to grade 12, private group tours, spotlight tours, and group dining options onsite. Explore the popular exhibits such as Visions and Values, Pop for the People, and the newer Notorious RBG: Times and Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The array of public programs (highly popular locally) offered here ranges from classic films and worldly music to new comedy and sunset concerts. Enjoy regular family festivals, cultural history programs, and even two onsite museum stores (Audrey’s Museum Store and Noah’s Ark Store) and eateries (Zeidler’s Cafe and Zeidler’s Cart).

The best part, however, maybe Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is a ‘celebration of play, inspiring fascination, reviving wonder’ (New York Times), a children’s exhibition larger than life (literally)! This permanent, award-winning floor to ceiling add to the museum holds around 400 life-size animal constructions, many of them interactive machines. There is even a 16-foot giraffe inside!