Slavery and Civil War Museum

Slavery and Civil War Museum

A provocative and courageous place tackling one of the most controversial eras in history. 

Welcome to the Slavery and Civil War Museum in Selma Alabama, or as it is more formally known as, the Ancient Africa Enslavement and Civil War Museum (AAECWM).

This bold museum provides guests with interactive tours, educational workshops, community forums, and more. It aims 'to educate and uplift schools, communities, and people of all ages and races' by presenting the history of the African people from antiquity through slavery. They also present and interpret the Civil War in creative and insightful ways.

Through several different displays, discussions, and programs guests will see the detailed history of ancient Africa as well as American enslavement. Guests will have the chance to talk about the effects of slavery during their visit and reflect upon how such a tragic and monumental period in history still has an effect today.

Here are some examples of exhibits and collections you will be able to see during your visit:

  • MAAFA: The Middle Passage
  • Egyptian-7 Dynasties Room
  • Slave-Holding Cell
  • Boat Room
  • Auction Block
  • Hall of Resistance