Sleepy Hollow

While in Sleepy Hollow you will quickly see the infamous Ichabod Crane sites, from the Old Dutch Church to Philipsburg Manor.

  • Headless Horseman Sculpture - South of the Old Dutch Church a way you will find a distinct sculpture sitting on the grass between US HWY 9 and North Broadway, the Headless Horseman statue. This is just one of the tributes to the classic Washington Irving short story throughout the town, once called North Tarrytown (changed in 1996 to Sleepy Hollow).
  • Old Dutch Church and Burying Ground - A member of the National Register of Historic Places, this Dutch Reformed Church is a 17th century stone marvel, a 5-acre historic site located on Albany Post Road. Architect Frederick Philipse styled this as American Colonial and Dutch Colonial Revival, an impressive combination of design elements in its finished product. Self-explore the 2.5-acre burying ground, the home of the ‘purported haunt of the headless horseman’ and spot in which many locals that served as Irving’s character inspiration are buried.
  • Headless Horseman Monument - Another small but significant site to see along your way is the Headless Horseman Monument, a headstone-like addition to the Philipsburg Manor, placed here in 1974. 
  • Philipsburg Manor - Last but certainly not least head to Philipsburg Manor, the colonial era farming, milling, and trading post from the past in which Frederick Philipse himself remained. This English Manor holds over 20 acres of sights to see, the initial startup date of this community set in 1653. Many scenes from the story were taken from this spot, so see if you can remember them all!