Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

Welcome to the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis, the newly renovated history museum that works to honor local military service members, veterans, and their families.  This state of the art museum is run by the Missouri Historical Society and is located on Chestnut Street.

The $30 million renovation project was done intricately by Mackey Mitchell Architects, who worked extremely hard to keep the architectural and historical integrity of this classical style, art deco building first built in 1938, while still updating it to meet contemporary museum standards. So what exactly is different about the museum now? For starters, the lower level, which was currently closed to the public, is now open with double the exhibit space. Another addition can be seen outside in the Court of Honor, as the Five Branches Fountains and reflecting pool has been added to the scene. The monuments to those who perished in the Korean and Vietnam wars have been moved to a more spacious walkway, and newer names have been added to the various memorial walls.

Inside the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum you will see such core galleries as St. Louis in Service, showing over 300 artifacts such as an authentic Spanish infantry sword and Marine Sargeant Rockey Sickmann's diary from his 444-day siege in Tehran. You will also see an extensive WWI exhibit with over 100 objects on display, a couple of favorites being the carrier pigeon message capsule and German gas mask. Throughout the museum, you will also see such amazing artifacts as the bell form the U.S.S St. Louis (1906) and a gun turret from local Emerson Electric.

This is a great stop for student groups (and adult groups) looking to learn a bit more in-depth information about local war involvements over time!


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