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One of the oldest neighborhoods in St. Louis, Soulard is the historic French district upon which the city was originally built, making it one of the most important and culturally significant districts in the city. Just five minutes south of the Arch, Soulard is the easy choice for a relaxing walking tour through the city's history while garnering architectural, artistic, and cultural gems along the way.

Founded by a Frenchman who served the King of Spain as a surveyor of the colonial city, Antoine Soulard's legacy lies in the red brick houses lining the stone streets, in the historic churches built by early immigrants, and in the archaic workhouses turned modern attractions. Much of the district's building repertoire dates back to the early to mid-19th century, many with iconic and exquisite Mansard roofs on Second Empire constructions.

Though the district's visual attractions are apparent in the historic homes and buildings, Soulard is also home to some of the city's best restaurants, nightlife, and more. One of the most distinct attractions in the area is the Soulard Farmers Market, ongoing since 1779, a crossroads of culture making for a prime destination to gain insight into the city and purchase delicious foods simultaneously. Also in the area is the stunning Saints Peter and Paul Church, a Norman Gothic structure built in 1854 to minister to the European immigrants, a wonderful tour stop on any itinerary. Come during festival season to experience the Soulard Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest festivals and see the whole community turn out for a wildly good time!