Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Southern Food and Beverage Museum

A Taste of the South.

Welcome to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum of New Orleans, otherwise known as SOFAB. This nonprofit, educational and cultural organization is dedicated to the discovery, understanding, and celebration of food, drink, and its related culture and folklife in America and the world.

There are a few different entities inside this museum, such as The Museum of the American Cocktail, the John and Bonnie Boyd Hospitality and Culinary Library, and the Nitty Grits Podcast Network. SOFAB itself displays several special exhibits throughout its space, as well as puts on regular demonstrations, lectures, and tastings that 'showcase the food and drink of the South'.

One of our favorite things about SOFAB is the New Orleans Cooking Classes offered, weekly classes and lunch demonstrations that give guests an in-depth taste of Louisiana. You will learn about local food and eat an amazing lunch inside the museum. The demonstration class offers in-depth cooking lessons showing you step by step on how to make traditional local cuisine while also discussing the culture and history of New Orleans. There are three main classes offered: Creole New Orleans Cuisine, Creole Italian Cuisine, and Louisiana's Cajun Cuisine. There is also a monthly Master of the craft with Dan Robert, Dan being the curator of Meat Science at the museum. Each month he tackles new meats such as sausage, turkey, brisket, and more.

If you are visiting the museum with a student group you will be delighted in the kid's education offerings, the museum holding a variety of programs that introduce kids K-12 to the kitchen to learn about nutrition, cooking, and culture. Field trip groups, in particular, will be able to participate in nutrition-based food games and scavenger hunts as well!


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