Spooked in Seattle Museum & Tours

Spooked in Seattle Museum & Tours


Get ready to get Spooked, the Spooked in Seattle Museum & Tour your next big adventure while visiting Seattle!

The museum half of this adventure showcases paranormal memorabilia and funerary items, oftentimes referred to as the 'Death Museum'. Inside you will see vintage 1800s mourning jewelry, attire, coffins, and embalming tools and equipment.  Take a good look around before you embark on your tour, of which there are several options;

  • Original Pioneer Square Ghost Tour
  • Deluxe Pioneer Square/Death Museum Ghost Tour
  • Pioneer Square Haunted Pub Ghost Tour
  • How to Murder History Ghost Tour
  • University Heights Ghost Hunt
  • Spooked in Seattle Ghost Hunt
  •  USS Turner Joy Ghost Hunt

The tours guides here partner with the folks from AGHOST, which stands for Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma. These are the oldest running tours of their kind in the area and they aim to 'tell the real stories of haunted Seattle' by using the evidence collected on actual paranormal investigations. The tours have been rated #2 in the US by USA Today in 2018, #6 by Timeout, and earned the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.