Squam Lake

Squam-Lake-2006Start your day in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire, just south of the White Mountains at Squam Lake. Established in 1763, Squam lake is 10.65 square miles and straddles the borders of Grafton, Carroll, and Belknap counties, the two largest cities being Holderness and Sandwich. This lake is the second largest in New Hampshire and was actually originally called Asquam, which translates as "water." Your group can take advantage of Squam Lake's Natural Science Center tour boat service, catching all 30 named islands and many more unnamed islets along the way. This lake is a great site to see loons, heavy with breeding plumage during the summer, as well as bald eagles and great blue herons. Enjoy cold and warm water fishing here as well, the lake stocked with rainbow and lake trout, salmon, white chard, bass, pout, and perch. Before you go make sure you scope out all the sites used in the popular 1981 film On Golden Pond!