Texas Governor’s Mansion

Texas Governor's Mansion

Welcome to the Texas Governor's Mansion, the historic home in downtown Austin that has served as the residence of every governor of Texas since 1856.

This stunning historic mansion was first built in 1854 by prominent architect Abner Cook, serving as the 4th oldest continuously occupied governor's residence in the country, as well as the oldest governor's mansion west of the Mississippi River. The home holds 'a wealth of colorful stories...and the memories created within the walls are priceless, as are the collections of art and antiques'.

During your visit to the mansion, you can take a quick 30-minute public tour (offered each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 2-4 pm) and see 4 rooms on the main floor, each filled with historic artifacts such as Stephen F. Austin's desk. Learn about the most interesting historic tidbits of the mansion, such as Queen Elizabeth II's visit in 1991, the Bush family residence from '95 to 2000, and the most recent infamous 2008 arson incident.

*NOTE: Due to the 2008 arson incident at the mansion, most valuable historic artifacts have been removed from the mansion and sit safely in storage.