Texas Horse Park

Located eight miles outside of downtown Dallas is an exceptional wilderness adventure where the Wild West, nature, and recreation meet at the Texas Horse Park. This new construction is just next to the 6,000 acre old growth Great Trinity Forest on over 300 acres. Two non-profit companies operate at the park to provide outdoor recreation, Therapeutic Horsemanship, educational opportunities, and exposure to wildlife.

Ride with River Ranch Educational Charities every day except Tuesdays. River Ranch is focused on the happiness, appreciation, and connection between humans and animals, specifically horses. The charity offers trail and pony rides, lessons for those who do not know how to ride horses, school and group tours, horse camp, and a petting zoo filled with farm animals. River Ranch also offers venues for parties, events, picnics, and more. This inviting facility brings people and horses together, creates memories and perhaps lasting friendships.

The second non-profit organization is Equest, a company solely focused on Therapeutic Horsemanship. Children and adults will find therapy with these gentle giants led by trained therapists as they embark on a variety of trails and programs suited to the client.

Escape from the city, within the city. The nearby forest is a perfect backdrop to such a beautiful experience and makes you feel as if you are completely separated from the busy city. Go back to nature and ride through the forests and trails on horseback the way cowboys and pioneers did in years past.