Texas Surf Museum

tx surf museumTexas' coastlines may not be as popular as the ones in California, Florida, or Hawaii, but they sure do pack the same punch! The Texas Surf Museum, founded in 2005, will show you and your group just how serious locals, travelers, and surf fans are in the Lone Star State, especially near the Gulf in Corpus Christi.  This museum is home ot thousands of surfers dedicated to the sport and works to explore the history of surfing in general. This establishment showcases Texas’ place in the history of wave riding and is truly a must-see for any fan of surfing, as well as an interactive adventure and learning experience for non-surfers alike. The Texas Surf Museum isn’t all about pictures of the perfect waves or wave riders either, this is a great place to immerse yourself into a new city and learn a unique aspect of the local culture and influences on local history.

While here at the museum you and your group will learn all about the history of surfing in the early 1960s and see such exhibits and attractions as the Bench of Boards, a photo wall full of local photos dotted with young celebrities and surf up and comers, and even an onsite theater room in which you can catch the waves of an informational and immersive surf film. Learn about all about Ford Woody, vintage board making, and fin smoothing! There are several educational opportunities presented here for local and surrounding schools, as well as a fair share of helpful community outreach. Some specific exhibit titles in the past have included such programs as Endless Summer, Lenses of Aloha, and Groundswell. Be sure to check to see if there are any special daily events, such as the locally popular Texas Surf Museum and BGB Yoga. Before you go head to the onsite store, also available online, and pick up your very own souvenir t-shirt or toy!