The 7 Best Beaches in Charleston

Charleston's historic city vibe gives way to several Atlantic coast delights, barrier island treasures, and beachside bliss opportunities left and right.

There are several different beach options within the Charleston area, with a beach to meet every group's needs, whether you are visiting for family fun in the sun or a secluded romantic getaway.

Check out our list of The 7 Best Beaches in Charleston.

  1. Folly Beach

    Folly Beach is undoubtedly the most popular beach in the Charleston area, oftentimes nicknamed 'The Edge of America'. Here your group can fish, surf, dolphin watch, kayak, swim, and enjoy very delicious, very fresh seafood near the beach!

  2. Sullivan's Island

    Sullivan's Island Pixabay Public Domain

    Sullivan's Island Pixabay Public Domain

    Highly popular in the spring and summer seasons, Sullivan's Island is always a good choice for groups looking for a good mix of nature and history. Visit the historic lighthouse and surrounding wetlands, then try your hand at SUP boarding or stop to learn all about the island's most famous historic resident, Edgar Allan Poe.

  3. Isle of Palms

    7 full miles of gorgeous coastline await at the Isle of Palms beach, a highly family-friendly area filled with outdoor recreation options. Head to Windjammer's Beach, adjacent to Sullivan's Island, for the most family fun!

  4. Edisto Beach

    For a quiet, peaceful weekend away head to Edisto Beach, one of Charleston's most secluded and naturally blissful beach options. 4.5 miles of shoreline provide a 'must-swim' spot and the low tide brings shelling treasures at Jeremy's Inlet. Visit the Education Center or take some time to trail through the maritime forests surrounding the beach before you go.

  5. Morris Island

    Morris Island Pixabay Public Domain

    Morris Island Pixabay Public Domain

    Morris Island is all about privacy, this island a simple 20-minute boat ride from Folly Beach. Enjoy a quiet and windswept shoreline after your private boat ride over here, this spot absolutely perfect for a beach book or picnic day!

  6. Bull Island

    7 miles of mostly untouched natural habitat await at Bull Island, the nature shrouded beach and wildlife refuge area. Choose from either North Beach or Boneyard Beach, each with parts in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge area. Hike around, visit the Martello Tower, and enjoy the unique scenery dotting the area, like all the bleached trees strewn about.

  7. Kiawah Island

    'One of the country's most beautiful barrier islands' finishes up our list, Kiawah Island providing groups 10 miles of gorgeous coastline along Beachwalker Park. Kiawah has always been a group favorite!

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