The Haygoods

Winner of Branson's Entertainers of the Year award four years running, The Haygoods are Branson's most lauded, most popular talented family of performers. With mind-blowing special effects, pyrotechnics, singing performances, choreography, and over 20 different instruments, this is a crowd favorite show that you won't want to miss!

With 23 seasons under their belt, The Haygoods continuously amaze Branson theater goers throughout the years, wowing over five million minds to date. The raw talent of the Haygood family is not limited to one style of entertainment and that's what makes them so popular. Each person's talent is elevated with amazing choreography, special effects, and a variety of instruments showcasing why they are Entertainers of the Year.

The Haygoods are the only show in Branson to show a completely new show every season, coming back with new material, choreography, and all new music numbers. You can never see the same show twice! The family of five brothers and their talented sister, the Haygoods are family-friendly magic for everyone in your group.