The House of Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables is Salem’s premier historic site, a location that holds 350 years of Salem history!

Registered as a National Historic District, this home, sometimes called the Turner Ingersoll Mansion, is located just off of the harbor in Salem. This house played the inspiration to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s legendary novel of the same name. Learn about the history and key influences this mysterious mansion has played in the role of that classic piece of literature, as well as many local legends and lore, all of which you will hear about in detail on any of the daily offered tours. Each tour will give you an unforgettable historic experience with a professional guide, as they take you through the amazing collection of historic buildings near the House of Seven Gables and the house itself.

Your group will also have the pleasure of viewing the spectacular seaside gardens and truly lush landscape outside and surrounding this home. Footpaths through shallow wooded areas in one direction lead to peaceful gardens with waterfront views on the next. Inside you will see many unique furnishings, as well as a secret staircase that is just one of the many things that make this mansion so mysterious and intriguing.

You will have the additional opportunity to explore the home Hawthorne was born in, as it sits just feet away from the mansion. There is also a Kid’s Cove at the 1830s counting-house, seaside colonial revival gardens, a museum store inside a 1655 Beckett House, and a photo-worthy 18th-century granite seawall!


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