The Lady and Sons

lady and sonsHey ya’ll, it’s Paula Deen, and her very first restaurant, The Lady and Sons, in downtown Savannah! This business began humbly in 1989, at first as a lunch delivery service by the name of The Bag Lady. Paula and her two sons delivered bag lunches to area business people in offices all around town, quickly gaining a wide local following. In 1991 a full service restaurant by the name of The Lady was created, and after only five years of burgeoning business, a newer, larger store was opened in downtown Savannah. The Lady and Sons has won several various small business and great food awards, not to mention the wide national and international following of Paula Deen fans who flock to the eatery in swarms daily.

The eatery now seats 330 people comfortably and has its own retail store, a flagship Paula Deen shopping experience. Here your group can peruse or buy any popular cook books, cookware, cooking gadgets, and Paula Deen goodies they wish! The actual eatery provides a lunch or dinner buffet full of absolutely delicious southern comfort food, as well as individual entrees. You can try such classic southern delights as chicken pot pie, Savannah crab cakes, and even fresh shrimp and grits! A popular lunchtime favorite is the asparagus sandwich served with jelly roll fries, and you have to try to save room for dessert, daily including freshly baked pecan or key lime pie. This is the perfect place to stop and fill your bellies, as well as see a famous chef at work and learn how a small business can thrive into much, much more