The Leonardo

A one-of-a-kind museum located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, The Leonardo is a learning museum, first and foremost, based on the famously untouchable intellect of Leonardo da Vinci. Embodying the spirit of the Renaissance, learning, and the evolution of education, Leonardo da Vinci's eponymous Salt Lake City museum is the premier destination for fun, interactive learning for all ages.

The Leonardo museum asks of its visitors only one thing: be curious. Let yourself wander through the exhibits and galleries, play among the interactive displays and experiments, and let yourself be a genius just like the Leonardo's predecessor. While the famed painter was also a brilliant architect, scientist, engineer, and musician among other things, the Museum is likewise a hodgepodge of learning with themes and subjects on all avenues of education.

Explore the floors and galleries to see exhibits on the nature of man, understand the laws of perception and the illusion of reality, exhibits on water as it connects culture and history, and also exhibits created by local children, known as SPARK! There are several Hands On areas in the Leo including Leonardo's Workshop where kids are encouraged to think outside the box, the Science Lab where experimenting is expected, Leonardo's Studio where you're bound to end up covered in paint, and also Think Math and Pixel Playland, two areas focused on mathematics and technology.

The Leonardo isn't simply a children's museum, it's an enchanted wonderland of imagination come to life. If you've ever wondered why something exists or how something works, chances are you'll see it in The Leo. No matter your group's age or size, they're bound to go crazy for The Leonardo.