“The Mountain” in Springfield, Utah Might Be The Greatest Pool Ever Built

Animal Planet's "The Pool Master" has featured some pretty cool pools, but nothing beats the $2 million personal pool built for a scuba diver.


Encompassing a 90-foot man-made mountain with three ways to climb up and a hidden 60-foot water slide, this creation looks more like an incredible natural waterpark than a carefully constructed work of metal, tubing and much more.


Of course, what cave would be complete without a full kitchen! Amongst five waterfalls and countless hidden nooks and crannies, swimmers can pause to cook an extravagant meal without leaving the backyard.



The pool itself holds over 360,000 gallons of water, including a 300-foot lazy river, as well as a 50-foot long tunnel underneath the cave to allow the owner to practice his scuba diving!


Too incredible to believe? Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn0M9qQJEuw