The SIX Show

In 1995, six brothers left their daytime jobs to follow their dream of becoming stage performers. Since then, the SIX have become one of the most popular and sought after shows in all of Branson. Having sung side by side with such stars as Trisha Yearwood, Diana Ross, Olivia Newton John, and the Beach Boys, the SIX are proud to present to you their award-winning show located in the Mickey Gilley Theater.

Six talented brothers (the six oldest out of ten siblings) dreamed one day of being able to perform their musical stylings to excited crowds and they're doing just that in Branson. This incredibly talented, genuine family would love to perform for you their show of top hits done in their own fabulous style done in a capella. With no instruments or back up music to support their performances, the SIX use only raw talent to perform classic songs over a variety of genres. The group's electrifying performances are enhanced by their family-friendly comedy, charm, energetic choreography, and showmanship. Come see the show that entertainment critics are calling a "Ten!"