The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On A Plane

If you've ever been on a long plane ride, you know how tedious things can get. I once spent ten hours in the air on an overseas trip and was *this close* to buying an inflatable outdoor TV from SkyMall with my hard-earned money from my high school job at a donut shop. (I didn't go through with it.)

Airlines have tapped into this outcome of flying. For one, they know that those who can afford to fly are not doing terribly financially, and could most likely be able to splurge on a few wacky items from those in-flight catalogs. They also know that when you're on a flight, you're excited -- you're ready for a new adventure to where ever you may be going, so why not start it off with a fun, adventurous purchase?

Here are some of the strange items you can get from a variety of in-flight retailers:

A Garden Yeti - From SkyMall, you can choose from three different sizes of bronze Yeti to stick in your yard or garden to scare passersby. The life-sized model is 150lbs!

Remote Control R2D2 - Every Star Wars nerd's dream is to own their own real-life R2D2. He moves, he grabs, he talks, he's just short an active conscience of being the real deal.

A Mini-Cooper - Why fly when you can drive?? One airline gives customers a significant discount if they make the decision to purchase one of those cute, tiny cars while they're hundreds of miles high in the air.

Plane Branded Shoes - Why not! If you loved your flight so much, you might as well buy some kicks that show it off.

A Chance To Win $1.3 million - Get that ticket cost covered! One airline offers scratcher cards for purchase by those of legal age. Win big while flying high!