Theme Tours: Movie Industry

Everyone loves going to the movies. Whether you're buttering the popcorn from home or at the comfort of your nearest cinema, movies take us on an adventure without having to travel. We decided to expand that adventure into a full-on vacation with our specialized themed tour based around the movie industry. You choose between fabulous Hollywood or bustling New York City, and we take care of the magic for you.


On the streets of New York City, hundreds of films have been shot, hardly phasing walkers passing by. That's the beauty of NYC -- magic is being made so often, that it's no longer a surprise! Take two walking tours through famous and lesser-known neighborhoods, where an experienced guide will point out every stop that's been used on the big screen and name-drop some of the incredible stars who have walked the same path. With the industry booming like it is, you're bound to walk through a real set in the filming process!

To see the starts up close and personal, check out Madame Tussaud's celebrity wax museum, where the most famous movie stars have gotten their likeness recreated for your photo-op convenience! Hang out at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the site of shows like Saturday Night Live, and ride to the top for a 360-view of the Big Apple. Finish off your trip with an NYC Skyride at the Empire State Building.

If your group wants to see the big-time studios, choose the movie capital of the world on the sandy West Coast. Start off by snapping a pic in front of the famous Hollywood sign, then cruise your way to the Dolby Theater, where the annual Academy Awards and American Idol Finale are filmed each year. Then, you'll be able to spot your favorite stars on the Walk of Fame on the infamous Hollywood and Vine. More than 2,500 stars have been included on this walk, and you'll love getting to see their handprints cemented into the brass stars.

To leave the casual tourists in the dust and get to the real deal, take a tour at Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount and more. At these studios, you may have the opportunity to pass a set in progress, spy a celeb on a water break from filming their next big hit, enjoy small theme rides dedicated to movies within the studio, and of course, explore the museums some studios have created to commemorate their greatest films.

No matter the destination, we will ensure that your student group feels like movie stars. For more info, follow the link here.