Tips to Make a Class Trip More Affordable

Many of you have been asking for ideas on how to give your class that once-in-a-lifetime trip while still keeping costs low for the students. Here are six ideas that will help them save a few dollars without missing out on any of the amazing sights your destination has to offer:


1. Load the Bus – If your group will be traveling by bus to your destination or once you arrive, consider capping the trip at a maximum of 55 people to ensure a full bus (54 if you have a tour guide!) The more people who can share the cost of a bus, the less each participant will have to pay.


2. Extend an Invitation – If you have fewer students sign up than expected, consider opening up the trip to another grade level, another school in your district, or parents and siblings. The more the merrier!


3. Go Natural – Some of the best activities are free! Spend time hiking in a state park, relaxing on a beach, visiting a historic battlefield, or taking pictures of the city skyline at sunset.


4. Ride Like a Local – If you have fewer than 20 people in your group, consider using public transportation to get around. For a small group, this can be much more affordable than hiring a full-size bus, and your students will get a taste of the true urban experience.


5. Travel in the Off-Season – Many hotels raise their rates during peak travel times such as April in DC, May in Boston, or Virginia Beach in June. Consider taking your trip earlier to save a little on lodging and avoid some of the crowds.


6. Save on Lunch – Having dinner together at a nice restaurant is a great way to end a busy day of touring. However, sitting down to eat a large meal in the middle of the day can take time away from the sites you want to visit. Have students bring $10 each day to grab a quick lunch from a local sandwich shop, and they can then use any savings towards souvenirs.