Top 10 Things to do in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, Florida is perhaps best known for its glorious beaches and thrilling Daytona International Speedway, one of the most exciting NASCAR racing tracks in the nation. Daytona Beach, with its southeastern flair, Spanish influence, perpetual summer, and historic attractions, makes for an exciting and educational senior trip destination. Check out what ranks in the top ten attractions to be found in Daytona Beach.

Beach at Daytona - "World's Most Famous Beach"

The Beach at Daytona was so spectacular that they created a city around it. With glorious sunshine, hard-packed golden-white sands, and gorgeous surf perfect for water sports, the Beach at Daytona is the perfect destination for a day outdoors. Bring a picnic, recline on the sand with an umbrella and book, participate in a game of beach volleyball or learn how to surf in one of the four designated surfing areas.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Thinking of other amusement park boardwalks like Coney Island and Venice Beach may give you an idea of what the Daytona Beach Boardwalk is like but you'd have to experience it for yourself. Home of the Joyland Amusement Park, the Boardwalk is a carnival over the sea with roller coasters, carnival games, a Mardi Gras Fun Center, and more. The opportunities are endless in a place like the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, and fun is guaranteed.

Marine Science Center

Located on Ponce Inlet, the Marine Science Center is home to several marine animal rehabilitation programs, aquariums, and nature programs. Learn about the marine animals that live surrounding south Florida, visit the stingray touch pool, and walk through the new Mary Keller Seabird Sanctuary where you can learn about rehabilitation and breeding practices ongoing at the Marine Science Center.

Ponce Inlet

Located on a peninsula just south of Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet is a diverse community of history and natural wonders. Home to the state's tallest lighthouse, the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, as well as the Marine Science Center, boardwalk, observation tower and more, Ponce Inlet offers a relaxing day away from the bustling city. Come for an afternoon to explore the area's attractions and sample the excellent beaches on the peninsula.

Beach Street

Equally historic and scenic, the Beach Street retail district is a waterfront shopping paradise. With everything from local artwork to antiques, jewelry, home decor, and apparel, the shops located on Beach Street are always of the highest quality with a unique personality. The area is also a thriving dining and entertainment district with places like the Halifax Historical Museum, local cinema and performance theaters, a chocolate factory, and the Jackie Robinson Ballpark among others.

Museum of Arts and Sciences (MOAS)

The largest museum in the area, MOAS is an accredited Smithsonian Affiliate and the primary art, science, and history museum in Central Florida. Situated on a 90-acre nature preserve, the expansive museum holds a collection of over 30,000 objects across a number of fields. Visit one of the nation's most extensive collections of Cuban paintings at the Cuban Foundation Museum, the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art showcasing the world's largest collection of Florida based art, or the other fabulous and comprehensive museums on campus.

Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory Tour

Historic makers of fine gourmet chocolate, Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory is the area's leading dessert industry. Established by two entrepreneurial women in 1925, the factory today continues to utilize the techniques used by Angell and Phelps. Take the complimentary tour of the factory to learn about their process and even sample some of their famous gourmet chocolates like the chocolate covered bacon or the eclectic shaped chocolate candies.

Daytona International Speedway

Perhaps NASCAR's most famous racetrack, the Daytona International Speedway is an exciting, fast-paced adventure into the world of auto racing. The host of the Daytona 500, this speedway boasts nationwide prestige and worldwide coverage. You can take a tour of the speedway, visit the museum with an extensive collection of racing artifacts and cars, and even get your picture taken in Victory Lane.

Bulow State Park

A beautiful beachfront park, Bulow State Park protects nearly 6,000 acres of land, several historic attractions, and a number of animal species. Located on the property are a number of historic sugar plantations including the Bulow Plantation, viewable along the Bulow Woods Trail. Along the way, you can also see the 400-year-old Fairchild Oak tree as well as observe the area wildlife which includes white-tailed deer, owls, raccoons, and more.

Rockefeller's Casements

Known as the "jewel of Ormond Beach," John D. Rockefeller's mansion home, The Casements, is a historical and architectural wonder. The grounds welcome visitors Monday through Saturday and allow you to tour the restored house, once damaged by a hurricane in the mid-1970s, along with the historic artifacts owned by Rockefeller, Sr. and more. View special displays on the Boy Scouts of America as well as a collection of Hungarian festival costumes and artifacts.