Top 5 National Forests To Visit This Fall

Autumn has begun and there are countless destinations across the U.S. that lend themselves to excellent destination choices, but none can beat the best foliage of the National Forests.

When it comes to which national forest to visit, you may run into the problem of having too many great options across the U.S. Well to help you make your decision we put together a top 5 list,  our top choices for getting beautiful views of bountifully colored trees and brush.

1. Acadia National Park

Maine’s most famous National Park not only has Norway Beach, Wilderness National Scenic Byway, Pike Bay Road and gorgeous coastlines but picturesque fall foliage. Whether you want to be surrounded by mountains, rivers or lakes, Acadia has it all.

2. Chippewa National Forest

Northern Minnesota's oak, aspen, and oak trees are prepping for the changing seasons, and the best spots to see them will be Norway Beach, Wilderness National Scenic Byway, and Pike Bay Road.

3. Yellowstone National Park

This one's a no-brainer! High elevations at Yellowstone mean the leaves have already begun to change, so catch those Aspens before they've turned to just branch for winter!

4. Allegheny National Forest

Purple asters, red sumac and goldenrod don the acres of this Pennsylvania park, and the best place to catch a glimpse is on the waterways throughout the park.

5. Yosemite National Park

Though the famed Great Sequoias stay green year-round, the smaller trees turn from green to orange, creating one of the unique foliage contrasts in the U.S. The best spots for viewing Hetch Hetchy Reservoir or El Portal.