Top 7 Attractions in Hershey, PA

You know the name and love their chocolate so on your next student group trip why not head right to the source. Check out Pennsylvania's Dutch country, ride every roller coaster at Hersheypark, and then taste test all the different types of chocolate passing through this delicious and adorable New England town.

1. Hersheypark

Of course the first attraction on this list would have to be Hersheypark, the area's best and most exciting theme park! At Hersheypark there are rides for the whole family. Thrill seekers will enjoy the fast paced, scream-tastic roller coasters like Fahrenheit, Sooperdooperlooper, and Skyrush among others. Those who enjoy a slower, more traditional ride may like the bumper cars, Ferris wheel, pendulum swinging pirate ship, or the scrambler but the fun doesn't end here. Hersheypark is also home to numerous water rides in addition to their fantastic land based rides. Come when the weather's warm to cool off in waterslides, lazy rivers, tube rides, and more! P.S. You can't beat the sweet treats at Hersheypark. It is, after all, a part of the Hershey chocolate family. 

2. Hershey's Chocolate World

Discover the magic of Hershey chocolate right at the source, Hershey's Chocolate World. With something for everyone in your group from education to entertainment, explore the industry and taste test to find your favorite types of delicious candies. Make your own candy bar, watch a 4D Chocolate Mystery unfold on the screen with cute candy bar characters, have a chocolate tasting experience, take a free chocolate tour of the facility and finish out the visit by shopping! Whatever you can think of having to do with chocolate, you can find here at Hershey's Chocolate World.

3. Hershey Gardens

Opened at Milton Hershey's request in 1937, Hershey Gardens has become a lasting staple of the community bringing year round visual pleasure to the public, curating Mother Nature into a 23 acre work of art. Start your journey at the original Historic Hershey Rose Garden where you'll find 275 varieties of roses from Hybrid Tea to mini to bushes, you'll find them all beautiful and represented. From there, explore the Seasonal Display Garden, the Perennial and Herb Gardens, the Japanese Garden, or head to the Butterfly House and be amazed by the more than 400 winged beauties fluttering around your head.

4. ZooAmerica

Open year round, this 11 acre zoological park is home to over 200 animals from around North America. Standing next to Hersheypark, ZooAmerica is an easy choice for a wonderful afternoon walk-thru attraction to learn about and marvel at the fabulous creatures that live in the five regions of our continent. Learn about coati, a raccoon relative from the southwest with a lemur-like tail, find three newly acquired grey wolf pups prancing around their enclosure, as well as black bear, mountain lions, American alligators, and much more!

5. The Hershey Story

Do you know how Hershey Chocolate got started? Well this would be the place to find out. Located in the heart of what they call Chocolate Town, U.S.A., The Hershey Story museum educates and entertains visitors on the origins of the company, their position in the world of delectable cocoa delights, and much more. Explore collections of artifacts, personal stories and possessions from Milton Hershey himself and learn how he went from a failed entrepreneur to a chocolate magnate! Permanent collections include original packaging tins from the early years of Hershey chocolate, Native American artifacts which Milton Hershey collected during his lifetime, and the collected possessions representing his own heritage from Germany, among many others.

6. Gettysburg

Located minutes from Hershey is the American Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg. Though this destination is not as tasty perhaps as the others on this list, it is a site of extreme significance and educational importance especially for student groups. History students and amateur historians will marvel at the facts behind the name, feel awe at seeing the battlefield that was once strewn with soldiers, and learn about how the battle changed the course of the Civil War.

7. Lancaster Dutch Country

Though this too is not located directly in Hershey, Lancaster Dutch Country is a vastly interesting and cultural destination that you'll not want to miss. Amusement parks, buggy rides, guided tours, and village shopping centers make this an exciting and fascination destination for everyone. Visit the Amish Village and explore the 12-acre grounds with a guided farmhouse tour and discover the modern Amish lifestyle; relax on Mt. Gretna Lake just for the fun of it; discover the history of Pennsylvania's iron and steel industry at the Cornwall Iron Furnace, a plantation in operation for more than 150 years; check out the Lancaster Science Factory; and much more!