Top Student Destinations: New York City


What exactly makes a destination one of the most visited in the world?

Some sites offer beautiful oceans, sprawling landscapes, natural wonders, rural adventures, and relaxing scenery.

Only one destination, however, offers more sites and attractions per square mile than any other city, not to mention a one-of-a-kind melting pot of culture. For students who can't agree on where to go, NYC has something to offer for absolutely anyone.

Have a student interested in other cultures? For the largest accumulation of Chinese culture outside of Asia, Chinatown is your one-stop-shop for dim sum, roasted meats, bubble milk tea, noodle varieties, soup dumplings and even Vietnamese, Shanghais, Taiwanese, Pekingese, Cantonese and Hongkonger specialties -- not to mention excellent shopping opportunities featuring anything from Hello Kitty to ancient martial arts supplies.

Maybe your group is full of A+ students constantly eager to learn -- NYC has a wide array of fantastic historical and scientific museums that rank at the top in the country. At the Museum of National History, visit a lush butterfly rainforest conservatory, explore the Fossil Halls and discover mysteriously morphing denizens of the ancient deep in the Hall of Vertebrate Origins. Drift, if you dare, into the deep sea of 29,000 square foot Milstein Hall of Ocean Life and crawl beneath the 21,000 pound model of a Blue Whale, one of over 750 fascinatingly lifelike interactive models of marine creatures you’ll encounter.

For the politically-minded, tour the United Nations, where some of the biggest decisions in history have been made. Of course, make time for Ellis Island to see where over 12 million immigrants made their way to the land of the free, and climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

For the artsy types in your group, NYC is a creative haven. The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds 2 million pieces by some of the world's most renowned artists. El Museo del Bario houses and educates about the top Caribbean and Latino art culture spanning more than 800 years of history. For a more 3D experience, don't miss Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, with eerily accurate statues of almost every celebrity relevant in the last century.

Some students seek NYC for it's potential to rise anyone to stardom. Satisfy your celebs-to-be by seeing a show at the infamous Broadway stage, then make your way to Times Square to tour Rockefeller Center where you can see the sets for some of the best shows on TV today, and after, soar to the top of the “Rock” where you’ll enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of Central Park and the unmatched splendor of the city skyline from three observation decks.

Still not sold? There's much more to see! Stroll through the 6.5-acre Central Park, either by foot or horse-drawn carriage. Head over to Staten Island Zoo to see the world's largest collection of rattlesnakes, catch a world-class show at Madison Square Garden, or grab a hot dog for your Ferris wheel ride at Coney Island.

With all of these choices at hand, there's no doubt that your group will find something to make this trip memorable for a lifetime.