U.S. Army Museum of Hawaiʻi

U.S. Army Museum of Hawaiʻi

Aerial Pic U.S. Army Museum of Hawai'i Credit Hawaii Army Museum Society

Welcome to the U.S. Army Museum of Hawai'i, the free museum attraction located inside Battery Randolph, a former coastal artillery battery located at Fort DeRuyssy Military Reservation.

This battery was transformed into a museum in 1976, now housing both ancient and modern military artifacts. The battery was originally built in 1911 as a key part of the 'Ring of Steel', which encircled the island of Oahu to defend against attack by sea. The solid concrete walls were built to withstand a hit from a 2,000-pound artillery shell, as the primary mission of the battery was to defend Pearl Harbor and Honolulu from attacking battleships.

During your visit to the museum you will see exhibits not limited to but including the following:

  • Gallery of Heroes
  • Defending an Island
  • Vietnam War
  • Medal of Honor Inductees
  • Battery Randolph
  • Hawaiian Warfare

You will see an attack helicopter, artillery shells, and much more throughout the various exhibits. Save plenty of time to visit the Hawaii Army Museum Store before you go, and if you would like a more in-depth experience here opt-in for an Educational Tour, JROTC Tour, or Private Tour.